Monday, May 11, 2015

Birthday Docs

Saturday was a weird day....
I put this outfit together, then it snowed.  I went back home and got out my coat, scarf and sweater and an hour later the sun came out.  I was super bummed that the weather was so crazy because my plans for Saturday included: Birthday hike, laying out in the sun, weeding the yard. 

This outfit includes my new dark cherry red Dr. Marten's that I bought myself for my Birthday (May 6th).  Yes, I bought myself a Birthday gift and I sold about 5 things on eBay so I could afford these gorgeous boots.

 Jacket-Old Navy(HERE)/Shirt-American Eagle(HERE)/Jeans-American Eagle(similar)
Boots-Doc Martens(eBay)(HERE)
 My B-Day Doc's (HERE)
Poor little Zoey! 
Here I am in the random snow storm...

Thanks for reading,


  1. Love the boots! I really want a pair of docs, they're so classic and go with everything <3 x

    VanessaVonJames | Fashion Blog

    1. Thanks! They are surprisingly comfortable...I was worried they would be heavy.

  2. Happy belated birthday! Those Doc Martens are absolutely beautiful!! You did right in saving up for them! #worthit

    x, Ally | Aye, Sir! Ally

    1. Thanks! I love the dark burgundy color :)

  3. im beating myself up for not keeping my docs. LOve this outfit! xO!