Friday, March 7, 2014

El Sanctuario de Chimayo

Ok, ok....I have been slacking on the outfit posts, but this place was too amazing not to share!  When my mom was visiting a couple weeks back we went to El Sanctuario de Chimayo.  Last year, I noticed hundreds of people walking along the interstate and highway during holy week. When I arrived home and researched what was going on, I found that they were making a pilgrimage to this place.  

Legend says that during Holy Week, Abeyta saw a light shining from the hillside and dug the crucifix up with his bare hands. He turned it over to Fr. Álvarez, who took it to the Santa Cruz church, but the crucifix mysteriously returned to the spot where Abeyta found it. After the third time this happened, Álvarez and Abeyta decided to build a chapel on the spot to house the crucifix. 

The town of Chimayo, NM has tons of amazing weavers who use wool to create rugs, jackets, purses, ect.   While visiting Chimayo, I bought a handwoven purse that is so unique and the colors are amazing. 

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  1. I love historical religious stories like this .. such a unique part of the US that doesn't get much recognition.


  2. Wow you just reminded me on how much I need a vacation:) great post!

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  3. Wow, what a cool spot. Thanks for sharing it!

  4. Great post and amazing photos! Hope you had a great time!! I love historical places so much!! Next time please take me with you? :P
    Mary xox

  5. Very interesting story. The place looks so peaceful♥

    Lakshmi in Trance