Saturday, July 27, 2013

Home Style

After recently moving into a new condo, I have been inspired by interior design and home decor.

When you move to a house you really start to develop a certain style that you call your own.  I have always been a fan of southwestern home decor and bright colors so when we found this bright and colorful condo... I was all for moving in!  It has been fun checking out photos online and watching HGTV to find new ways to add to our condo and make it "ours".

A few pictures that have inspired me.....
 I found this southwestern interior with an adobe fireplace.  I love the earthy neutrals in this room. Photo taken from

I love this room!  The mint green wall paper with the gray furnishings make it a really comfortable and fun space.  I especially enjoy the patterned rug.  Photo taken from

Although this bedroom is not in any way southwestern...I love the mix of woods and the amazing chandelier.  I would probably use a different comforter though, I love the pop of blue but would probably trade it for yellow. Photo taken from

The mix of colors in this dining/den area are so cheery.  I love the bright yellows and reds mixed with turquoise. Photo from

What is your home style?


  1. I really loved that first picture :)

    Bong's Belleza
    Have a happy Tabloid Tuesday

  2. Right now, I'm trying to define my style. I'm starting small in my bedroom and have found that I like warm neutrals, leather, and pink. Weird combo, but I love the way it's coming together! And of course, owls. Those are all over my house. I need an owl hoarding intervention.....

  3. Amazing pics! So great:)

  4. I love your blog so I nominated you for the Liebster Award! You can check out the rules and questions here:

  5. Lovely interior designs .. I love the cozy living room with the fire place.


  6. I love these! I so can't wait to see what you put together in your new place!

  7. Great photos

  8. Congratulations on the new condo! How fun and exciting it must be to decorate your new home. Southwestern home decor seems so warm and inviting! Great decor inspiration.
    XO Wil Harris

  9. love these designs! i really want a southwestern/outdoorsy/cabinish feel to my place (when I get one!!) congrats on your place!! xoxo


  10. These photos are great! I'll be moving in a month or so and will need to decorate. This provides a little inspiration.


  11. especially love the last photo, it's so cosy!