Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Park Ranger Chic?

It is sort of hard to tell but my pants are that Park Ranger green color.  I love the outdoorsy look with a little feminine pop of color (the necklace!).  Not quite cold enough for boots yet! I can not wait, I LOVE my boots!  

Top- Old Navy (HERE)
Pants- Old Navy (HERE)
Necklace- Ebay (HERE)
Shoes- Toms (OLD)

The lighting is a little horrid, I look extremely pale...

This is after my first pictures when I actually have my hair done for once....

My husband and I went out to Bandelier National Monument for the afternoon! He had a meeting @ Bandelier because one of his choirs is singing at the amphitheater for "Mozart on the Rocks". (Took the necklace off and switched to jeans and tennis shoes.)
Elk, elk, everywhere!

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