Friday, August 3, 2012

Hair from a box!

That's right ya'll! I get my hair color from a box! I guess the secret is out...

I have been putting off dying my hair for wayyyyy toooo looonngg.  My roots had gotten extremely noticeable and did NOT look good!  I grabbed an ash blonde off the shelf and it did a wonderful job of toning down the brightness of the blonde I had before. The ash color tends to make the hair more muted and I have found it gives it more dimension.  Every spring I do highlights on my hair and then use an ash dye after over the highlights and it takes the nasty orange look out of the highlights and makes them look natural...a little trick i've learned.  Is this what a professional would recommend doing? I have no idea, I really do not know much about hair and hair products.  


This is a picture of when I did the highlights with the ash blonde over it this spring...

I am glad I got this color back because I LOVE it!


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