Monday, July 23, 2012

What a Day...

Left early this morning for my processing (videos plus paperwork) for my new job at Mountain Elementary.  It was overall very stressful...especially when I found out that I do not get paid until August 30..and only half a check!!(for my husband too! YIKES!)  This morning was not a good sleep last night, i'm sick with a cold...but I managed to put on a happy face after a morning of stress. (My little Boston Terrier, Zoey helped cheer me up and decided to join me in my blog photos)

Here is what I am wearing today....

Top-Old Navy (HERE)
Skirt- Forever21 (similar) (similar)(similar)
Shoes-American Eagle (HERE)
Necklace- Forever21 ( this necklace!)(similar)

You can see in this last photo I am much happier than in my first photo....oh, the power of cute dogs!!

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