Monday, July 2, 2012

The Statement Necklace

This post is for my dear friend, Mary.  She was discussing my blog with me a few weeks ago and mentioned that she would love a post about statement necklaces with links to find/buy statement necklaces.

I love statement necklaces, they can really add quite a bit to an outfit and help give an outfit the "finishing touch".

Here are a few pictures of me wearing my favorite statement necklaces....

Top left is from Old Navy (old)
Top Right is from Ebay ($13) (HERE)
Bottom center is from Forever21

Here are a few statement necklaces that I love.....
Top Left-Maurices-Assorted stones (HERE)
Top Right-Old Navy-Royal Blue teardrops (HERE)
Bottom Left-Forever21-light blue teardrops (HERE)
Bottom Right-Forever21-Black with Rhinestone (HERE)

A few of my favorite places to look for statement necklaces include: (search for statement necklace) (search for statement necklace)

*** is probably my favorite, they have some very unique statement necklaces. I have personally never ordered anything from baublebar but the necklaces look very well made.  Average necklace price is around is around $20-$30 but can range up to ~$200.  

So if you are wanting a statement necklace that will last you a long time try and other high-end department stores...also there are some quality pieces on and if you are willing to pay a little extra.  Necklaces from the other sites I have listed are cheap and therefore cheaply made so you do not always know how long a necklace you purchase for $7 will actually last you.  I have had necklaces from Old Navy (for example) last for years but others also purchased from Old Navy come apart within a couple wears.  It is always hard to determine the quality of a necklace when purchasing online...I suggest shopping at your local mall before ordering a necklace online.

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